An introduction to my educational programs

Les_Studio_Workshop_530px_NinaThe Digital Print Studio Workshop

The challenges and opportunities presented and facilitated by digital technology can be absolutely fascinating and equally infuriating at the same time.  How do I make sense of  this?  What don’t we know but need to understand?  What skills are required?  And so on.  In answering such questions, I find it helpful to distinguish between those intellectual skills that enable us to think and understand what we are doing, what is needed, and what is achievable, from the practical skills that enable us to realise our dreams and ideas, in short, to facilitate our creativity.

The intellectual skills tend to be quickly acquired, for example over a weekend or two, but the practical skills take much longer. This is why I run a broad range of programs, from public lectures to week long residential courses. They all serve different purposes and different needs.

Weekend Courses:
The least expensive option are the weekend courses that I run at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Melbourne, PhotoAccess in Canberra and elsewhere   My weekend courses vary from one day intensives, to full two day explorations, and have maximum enrolments up to 12 depending on the course. They are attended by a broad range of artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, curators, archivists, scientists, teachers, students, and enthusiasts with over 20% of those attending my CCP weekend courses coming from interstate or country Victoria. Detailed course syllabi are available by clicking on the individual course titles at Dates and Venues.  My CCP Sunday Intensives (one day workshops) costs are $220 per course for CCP Members or $280 for Non members (i.e. $220 + CCP Membership).

Short Courses:
We also run two six week duration short courses at the CCP on Monday and Wednesday evenings. They are offered at an introductory (Monday) and intermediate level (Wednesday).  We meet for two and a half hours each week and undertake focussed exercises (both in-class and between classes) to help you practice and consolidate your learning. There are regular reviews of your work supported by detailed feedback on your progress. A supportive and enquiring learning environment based on sharing and collaboration is a priority. Course syllabi are available by clicking on the individual course titles at Dates and Venues.  The cost of our CCP Short Courses are $499 per course.

Studio Workshops:
We also run Studio Workshops in our Melbourne studio on a broad range of topics.  In contrast to our weekend courses, my Studio Workshops are small scale, one day intensive events for up to five people. Being in our own studio they are very hands-on with state of the art equipment and workflows, and access to all of our research, archives and library. They are a more intimate and specialised event compared to our larger scale weekend or residential courses, but without incurring the cost of a 1:1 consultation. Detailed workshop syllabi are available by clicking the individual workshop titles under Dates and Venues.  The cost of a Studio Workshop is $330 including GST per person.

Private Consultations:
Private Consultations provide an exceptional opportunity to refine specific areas or to nurture the finer details of one’s creative practice and artistic development.  They are held in my Melbourne studio with its state-of-the-art facilities and tend to cover unique content which is also covered in much greater depth and in a more focused manner than can usually be realised in my weekend courses or studio workshops.  This often takes the form of close mentoring and evaluation of an existing practice and its focused development.  In this sense the content is unique to each individual and their methods, theory, skills and techniques.  The cost of a Private Consultatiob is $180/hr + GST or $600/ half day + GST.

Residential Courses:
I run week long residential courses such as my annual Orpheus Island workshop in Nth Queensland at the James Cook University Research Station on Orpheus Island (between Townsville and Cairns), and our annual Daintree workshop at the James Cook University Daintree Rainforest Observatory Research Station at Cape Tribulation in Nth Queensland. These are unique experiences generously supported by our sponsors who also attend the workshops and supply the ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment, knowledge and materials for all our creative photography needs, and are also supported by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.  All inclusive costs ex Cairns are AIPP/ACMP Members $ 3260, Non-members $ 3650, Full time students $ 2760.

How to Proceed:
When you are first looking for assistance, training and education, start by breaking your interests and requirements down into their component areas so as not to be overwhelmed by the range of options and opportunities that digital photography presents. Then focus on those areas that are most pressing or interesting at that time, and let the process lead you from there. For example, if you are looking to refine your Photoshop editing skills then our Advancing Photoshop Studio Workshop would be ideal. If your digital camera or lighting skills are more pressing, then our Knowing and Loving your Camera short course or Seeing and Capturing Light workshop would be better, but if you need to significantly improve your printing skills and knowledge, then our The Digital Print studio workshop would be the one to attend, and so on.

Attending one of our weekend courses will also provide you with an overview of the opportunities that exist, as well as the level you are currently working at, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Online bookings and payments are also available for most of our events.

For more information please consult our FAQ page, and the individual course listings under the COURSES tab in the main menu at the top of this page. Also our Calendar provides a regularly updated list of what programs we are presenting throughout the year, and feedback from recent participants at our courses, workshops, seminars or lectures are included under Testimonials.


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