Colour Managed Workflows

Les-cms_530pxMelbourne – Studio Workshop
•  25 March 2017
• 20 May 2017
•  29 July 2017
• 18 November 2017


Colour management is at the heart of every contemporary digital photographic process and practice.  This intermediate/advanced studio workshop presents a logical and comprehensive approach to accurately colour managing all aspects of digital imaging, from capture to display, editing, printing and publishing.  The aim is to establish the essential skills needed to increase productivity, reduce costs and significantly improve image quality and colour fidelity.  Topics covered include:

Understanding and Interpreting Colour
• The principles of colour reproduction in digital workflows
• The relationship between an image and its colour space
• What are device profiles and where are they stored?
• The difference between calibration and profiling
• Assigning and converting profiles

Setting up a Colour Managed Workflow
• Working with appropriate software and hardware
• Choosing the right RGB, CMYK and Greyscale working spaces
• Print viewing environments and softproofing solutions
• Collaborating with designers, labs and prepress services
• Matching a screen image to its printed image

Profiling Cameras, Monitors and Printers
• Creating custom camera, scanner, monitor, and printer profiles
• Comparing and testing profiling software and hardware
• Sourcing and evaluating commercially available profiles
• Spectral analysis of devices, materials and environments
• Editing profiles for visual compensation

Working with Colour
• Analysing profiles for accuracy, reliability and device stability
• Implementing and automating colour managed workflows
• Separating into CMYK colour spaces and device link profiles
• The limits of ICC based colour management
• DIY colour management on a budget

The workshop is based around a series of practical tasks and demonstrations that demystify the management of colour while integrating its critical functions into contemporary digital imaging practice. Real-world exercises involving the calibration and profiling of monitors, cameras and printers as well as verified soft and hard proofing are integrated into a professional and fully colour managed workflow.  Detailed course notes and calibration guides are provided, and participants have the opportunity to custom profile their own devices.

Studio Workshop Cost: $330 including GST per person
Bookings: Email or phone 0438 590 093
Venue: Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Duration: Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm