Camera Craft


Melbourne – Studio Workshop
• 2018 dates TBA


This advanced studio workshop presents a comprehensive overview of contemporary digital camera craft.  It is about refining and perfecting our work with DSLR and Medium Format digital cameras, including profiling, pre-visualisation, and preparation for post processing.  The aim is to eliminate technical errors and uninformed judgments from our camera workflow, thereby ensuring the finest quality digital captures.  Specific topics include:

Measuring, Interpreting and Seeing Light
•  Reflected versus incident metering
•  Evaluative versus spot metering
•  Calibrating light meters: hand-held and in-camera
•  The Zone System – calibration and creative application
•  Output referred pre-visualisation
•  Working with filters: ND, Graduated, Polarized

The Camera
•  Organising camera bags and cases
•  Tripods, geared heads, gyro stabilisers
•  Camera flare, lens flare and lens hoods
•  Tethered capture and iOS monitoring
•  Weather protection
•  Cleaning sensors and lenses

The Lens
•  Collimating lenses and Auto Focus calibration
•  Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance calculations
•  Lens resolution and interpreting MTF curve
•  Diffraction and Nyquist frequency limitations
•  Shift, tilt and swing lenses and adapters
•  The aesthetic properties of circular lenses

•  Adobe DNG camera profiling
•  ICC camera profiling
•  Exposure Stacking – controlling the camera’s dynamic range
•  Focus Stacking – contrilling the camera’s depth of field
•  Capturing and combing exposure and focus stacks
•  Panoramic solutions: Gigapan and Really Right Stuff tools

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own cameras, tripods and other accessories to use during the workshop.  Medium and small formats are catered for, including DSLR and mirrorless cameras, scanning and multi-shot camera backs, technical cameras and other specialist camera systems.  The workshop is based around a series of experiments and practical investigations, including the creation of custom colour and auto-focus camera profiles for those attending. The course will also inform the selection, evaluation, and acquisition of new equipment.  There is also a workshop resource website with detailed course notes, videos, and guides.

Class Size:  Maximum class size of 5
Course Duration:  Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Cost:  $330 including GST per person
Bookings & Enquiries:  Email or phone +614 38 59 00 93