Beyond Photoshop – Colour Correction

3DLUTMelbourne – Studio Workshop
•  13 May 2018
•  11 November 2018


Photoshop is what it is. Its inconsistencies aren’t going to be resolved anytime soon, and its errors can be equally of our making, inexperience, and uncertainty.  So how might we begin an engagement with Photoshop that harnesses its magic and power while allowing us to evolve beyond its limitations? This advanced workshop contextualises Photoshop within a broad history of picture making theory and practice. Photoshop’s fatal flaws are quickly identified and transcended both conceptually through an expansive investigation of colour appearance models and colour processing, and practically through sophisticated tools such as 3DLUT Creator and profile variants. Specific topics include:

Understanding Photoshop’s Limitations
•  Fixing colour mixing errors
•  The RGB saturation and brightness conundrum
•  Gamma vs. linear encoding
•  8-bit vs 15-bit+1 vs 16-bit vs 32-bit
•  Non perceptual working spaces
•  Calculations and channel operations

Colour Appearance Models and Spaces
•  The psychology of colour – appearance and sensation
•  The physics of colour – behaviours and standards
•  Colour appearance models
•  Separating tonal and colour compositions
•  Device dependent RGB, CMYK, HSB, HSL colour spaces
•  Device independent XYZ, Lab, LCh, Yxy colour spaces

Colour Calculations
•  Matrix calculations, 3D Look up Tables and LUT formats
•  Color Integrity – ColorPerfect solutions
•  Creating LUTs in Photoshop
•  3DLUT Creator and integration with Photoshop
•  Abstract and device link profiles
•  Editing A2B (soft proofing) and B2A (device output) tables

Case Studies
•  Your workflow, your expectations, your outcomes
•  Joseph Holmes working spaces and chroma variants
•  Luminosity, Lightness, Brightness
•  Atmospheric enhancement
•  Editing luminosity independently of hue and saturation
•  Editing saturation independently of luminosity

Inquiry based learning is at the heart of this workshop. My course notes and videos on their own are not enough to get you ‘to the other side’. By understanding pictures first and Photoshop second, we distinguish what can be done from what needs to be done. This clarifies how Photoshop helps or hinders the process, what tools work as expected or don’t, and where to go to achieve what Photoshop can’t. Such an approach quickly and efficiently solves real world imaging problems, and it also frees up time, energy and focus that can be better devoted to other considerations. Your practice, knowledge and understanding form the central case studies in this inquiry. Your engagement and participation defines its outcomes.  There is also a workshop resource website with detailed course notes, videos, and test files, and trial versions of additional software can be downloaded for use at the workshop.

Class Size:  Maximum class size of 5
Course Duration:  Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Cost:  $330 including GST per person
Bookings & Enquiries:  Email or phone +614 38 59 00 93