Colour Managed Workflows

Les-cms_530pxMelbourne – Studio Workshop
•  22 April 2018
•  14 October 2018


This intermediate/advanced studio workshop presents a straight forward yet incredibly comprehensive approach to accurately colour managing every aspect of your digital imaging workflow, from capture to display, editing, printing and publishing.  The aim is to increase productivity, reduce costs and significantly improve your image quality and colour fidelity.  Specific topics include:

Interpreting Colour Theory
• Illusion vs fact: How is colour represented in a digital workflow?
• What is a colour managed workflow?
• What is an ICC profile and where is it stored?
• What are in-gamut and out-of-gamut colours?
• What is the relationship between an image and its colour space(s)?
• What are Source and Destination colour spaces?
• What is the difference between assigning and converting profiles?
• How important are rendering intents and when are they used?

Setting up a Colour Managed Workflow
• Working with appropriate software and hardware?
• Which RGB, CMYK and Greyscale spaces should I work in?
• How do I set up my print viewing and working environment?
• What light sources are best for print viewing and soft proofing?
• Collaborating with designers, labs and prepress services?
• How do I match a screen image to its printed image?

Profiling Cameras, Monitors and Printers
• What are the limitations of camera and scanner profiles?
• Which monitor white point, brightness and gamma curve should I use?
• How do I calibrate two screens to look the same?
• How do I calibrate my printer (or the printer at the Pro Lab)?
• What if my lab or publisher doesn’t operate an ICC colour managed workflow?
• What is soft proofing and why is it so important?

Working with Colour
• Analysing profiles for accuracy, reliability and device stability?
• How do I automate my colour managed workflow?
• Who should separate RGB files into CMYK and device link profiles?
• What are the limits of ICC based colour management?
• On a limited budget where will you get your greatest return?

Editing Colour
• What lets you down?
• How to best manage your expectations?

At the workshop you will be immersed in a professional fully colour managed workflow and will undertake real-world exercises including the calibration and profiling of monitors, cameras and printers, as well as verified soft and hard proofing.  There is a workshop resource website with detailed course notes, videos, and test files, and attendees also have the opportunity to custom profile some of their own devices.

Class Size:  Maximum class size of 5
Course Duration:  Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Cost:  $330 including GST per person
Bookings & Enquiries:  Email or phone +614 38 59 00 93