Daintree 2018 – Photography Workshop

Presented by Les Walkling
with Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford
8th to 15th August 2018


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Daintree 2018 is a contemporary photography workshop for anyone who is wondering ‘how do I get to the next level’? That is, how do I progress beyond merely beautiful images and prints, beyond the mastery of camera craft and production skills, workflows, clients, and competitions to develop and infuse my work with more meaning, significance and purpose?

This is no easy task, and there are many prerequisites: we need time and space away from the hurly-burly distractions of everyday life. We need an unbelievably beautiful and inspiring location that only asks the best of us. We need state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities that won’t let us down. And we need incredibly experienced teachers and mentors who not only work ‘at that next level’, but also possess the empathy, compassion, understanding and intellectual frameworks needed to facilitate your journey ‘to the other side’. These are rarely found qualities, but at Daintree 2018, we supply them all, and in abundance. Read More

This year my two co-presenters are Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford.


Jackie has over thirty-five years experience within the visual arts and her passion is art photography and fine art printing. She learnt her craft by working within the photographic industry as a darkroom technician, freelance and sports photographer, wedding photographer, commercial photographer and photojournalist. In 1996 after gaining her Associate Diploma in Fine Arts she began working as a teacher of ‘Fine art’ photography. Jackie divides her time between her ongoing art practice and teaching, exhibiting, instructing and presenting workshops and seminars both nationally and internationally. Since 2001 she has won many prestigious photography awards, which have culminated in making her not only a Grand Master of both the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography but also a Canon Master. www.jackieranken.co.nz


Mike’s passion is travel/Landscape photography and travel book publishing with over 26 books to his name. He is a Canon Master, Grand Master and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and a Grand Master, Honorary Fellow and Life Member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). He has been a professional photographer for over 30 years and an International Awards judge and lecturer for 25 years. He has won multiple National and International awards for his travel and landscape photography including Photographer of the Year for Australian Geographic, Korean International, NSW AIPP, AIPP Landscape, AIPP Travel, NZIPP, NZIPP Corporate/Industrial, NZIPP Landscape and NZIPP Travel. www.mikelangford.co.nz

The Venue:

The venue is James Cook University’s world class Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO) education and research centre at Cape Tribulation in far North Queensland. It is adjacent to Australia’s World Heritage listed wet tropics lowland rainforests which are home to a substantial proportion of Australia’s biodiversity. This is also one of the few areas in the world where the ‘reef meets the rainforest’ and the only place where two World Heritage Areas sit side by side.


The modern teaching and conference facilities are designed with student-centred learning and inquiry-focused practice in mind. The open design and flexible spaces create many vistas where one can look up to rainforest-clad mountains or down over sweeping views to the Coral Sea. With brand new accommodation and catering infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories and a tower crane providing canopy access to nearly 1 hectare of rainforest, the DRO provides an unforgettable hands-on experience in a unique and inspirational environment.

The Syllabus:

The workshop begins with a thorough analysis of your individual workflow which we then refine and polish from capture to print. This ensures your workflow is ‘working’ so well that you are not distracted by it. We can then focus on ’what comes next’ – and how to take your photography there.


Guidance, inspiration and support will flow from the history of photography, painting, sculpture, music, literature and philosophy, as we form a deeper understanding of how pictures capture ‘hearts and minds’ while trading in ‘secrets and mysteries’ beyond our immediate understanding. We will learn from other artists and their production methods, artist statements, finished works of art. and historical circumstances what is required in order to convey significant and lasting impressions, not just through your pictures, but also to your artistic confidence.



You will photograph in pristine environments, process and edit your files with fully colour managed professional workflows, and make prints of the highest quality with the most beautiful papers and profiles available. Our chefs and support staff will take care of everything else, so all you have to work on is refining and extending your photography, and thereby change not only your relationship to your ‘hardware and software’, but even more significantly, take your pictures and yourself to that ‘next level and beyond’.

Highlights of the workshop include formal presentations, small group tutorials, extensive one to one consultations and opportunities to practice and consolidate what you learn in a supportive and supervised environment.


This is an ambitious workshop that I couldn’t imagine presenting without my 30 years’ experience of doing this day in and day out for generations of undergraduate and post graduate fine art and media arts students. I also couldn’t imagine doing this without over a decade’s experience running our annual Orpheus Island residential workshop. And I also couldn’t imagine d0ing this without the incredible talent and support of my co-presenters, tutors, organisers, sponsors and friends who have encouraged me to dedicate a workshop to ‘going to the next level and beyond’.

And this is that workshop.

The Cost:

Non-Members $3980
Students $2900

The cost includes share accommodation and all meals at the DRO, all photographic materials, plus coach transport to and from Cairns. The only additional costs are travel to Cairns and possible overnight accommodation in Cairns depending on your flight times and /or other travel arrangements. There is also a small fee if you wish to use the DRO crane to access the rainforest canopy with sweeping views over Cape Tribulation and Mount Sorrow.

Register for this workshop at: www.leswalkling.com/bookings/

If the workshop description intrigues or fascinates you, don’t hesitate to contact us. For further information or expressions of interest please email: events@leswalkling.com or phone: +61 418 980 644