Exhibition Preparation and Presentation


Melbourne – Studio Workshop
• 2018 dates TBA


Once we have created our images, the next step is to share, publish and exhibit them.  But if you thought the capture, processing, editing and evaluation of your images was a handful, wait until you decide to present them to the world.  A whole different set of conditions arise and once again you are at the start of a new adventure.  This introductory-intermediate workshop is devoted to getting your images seen, engaged with, and discussed, especially as physical prints or objects. It is also about how to support and contextualise your work, how to talk about it, how to protect it both literally and emotionally, and how to have it represent you to the best of your ability. Specific topics include:

Papers and File Preparation
•  The five media categories and characteristics
•  Matching media to images
•  Upscaling algorithms and resizing techniques
•  Image size, aspect ratios, and print borders
•  Sharpening images for printing
•  Exhibition prints vs. editioned prints

Print Finishing and Presentation
•  To mount (frame) or not to mount (frame)
•  Substrates and surface coatings
•  Surface mounting (Diasec), overmats, and shadow boxes
•  Museum glass vs. acrylic
•  Hanging, crating and freighting works
•  Lighting: spectral quality, UV, and reflection control

Curating your own Practice
•  Developing, discussing, and supporting your work
•  Telling a story, making a point, iterating the facts
•  Stand alone images, sequencing images, and series
•  Artist statements: packaging and presenting your work
•  Text and image: titling, signing, and annotating works
•  Exhibition design, layout, and installation

Collaborating with Others
•  Soft proofing profiles and hard proofs
•  Working with pro labs and master printers
•  The art and craft of not-making
•  Commercial galleries vs. public galleries
•  Clients, patrons, artist proofs and editions
•  Representation, commissions, consignments, residencies

The workshop is presented in a working studio-gallery where real-world considerations are tested, evaluated and implemented.  Images are printed, mounted, signed, framed, and packaged.  They are sequenced, hung, lit, discussed and written about.  You will work in the context of other artists, master printers, framers, curators and reviewers.  This is a practical hands-on experience designed to help you to professionally present and critically support your work with confidence and assurance.  There is also a workshop resource website with detailed course notes and videos.

Class Size:  Maximum class size of 5
Course Duration:  Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Cost:  $330 including GST per person
Bookings & Enquiries:  Email or phone +614 38 59 00 93