The Digital Print

LW_Lord_Howe_1600_530pxMelbourne – Studio Workshop
•  17 February 2018
•  18 February 2018
•  08 April 2018
•  10 June 2018
•  26 August 2018
•  28 October 2018
•  09 December 2018


This intermediate/advanced studio workshop concentrates on printing digital files to the highest level of perfection. Specialized printing processes, materials and techniques combine to significantly expand the range of the fine print and its creative tradition. The aim is to promote, demystify, and facilitate the efficient production of prints of exquisite quality. It also provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the latest printers, media and inksets.  Specific topics include:

Ink and Media
•  Media selection and ink usage – economy vs. quality
•  Commercial Papers: Resin coated & micro-ceramic media
•  Art Papers: Cotton rag & alpha cellulose papers
•  Photography Papers: Baryta and non-Baryta papers
•  Archival gamuts: Dye vs. pigment vs. chromogenic inksets
•  Late binding worlflows and compressing colour gamuts

Printing a Digital Print
•  Printing through printer drivers vs RIPs
•  Output sharpening techniques and strategies
•  Custom vs. generic printer profiles
•  Rendering intents and gamut compression
•  Displaying prints, lighting, metamerism and ink inconstancy
•  Protecting and annotating prints

Preparing Images for Printing
•  Levels – colour and density correction fundamentals
•  Re-sizing images and factorial scaling
•  The application of creative sharpening
•  Colour managing digital printing workflows
•  Soft proofing vs. hard proofing
•  Matching screen to print monitor calibration

Crafting a Digital Print
•  Re-defining spatial and luminosity relationships in the print
•  Mid tone contrast expansion – ‘blend if’ options
•  Shadow and highlight bump-masking
•  Conversion of colour images to greyscale
•  Toning and colorizing images
•  Intensification and reduction – expanding print ‘presence’

The workshop is conducted as a series of integrated studio demonstrations and practical experiments involving the critical investigation and analysis of the entire printing workflow.  Attendees prepare and print some of their own images on large format (17in, 44in and 64in) Epson and (17in) Canon Pro printers, while histories and theories of visual art are incorporated to contextualise creative practice and expand aesthetic outcomes.  There is also a workshop resource website with detailed course notes, videos, and test files.

Class Size:  Maximum class size of 5
Course Duration:  Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Les Walkling’s Studio, Heidelberg, VIC.
Workshop Cost:  $330 including GST per person
Bookings & Enquiries:  Email or phone +614 38 59 00 93