South West Light – Melbourne Presentation

January 31, 2013

Stillness and Silence 2012,  Pigment Print,  1518mm x 1518mm Ninety Degrees Five (ND5) is a unique artistic collaboration between photographers Les Walkling, Christian Fletcher, Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, and film maker Michael Fletcher. On Sunday 17th February all the members of ND5 will be presenting together for the very first time on the East Coast [...]

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December 26, 2012

In-memorian 2012, Toned Silver Gelatin Print, 198mm x 249mm Bernie O’Regan 1938-1996 I often think of my grand mother during the last few years of her life, when she was gradually losing her memory. I would visit her in Adelaide, where she lived with my grandfather, and watch with absolute despair every time he entered [...]

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South West Light – A Photographer’s Perspective

September 8, 2012

South West Light – A Photographer’s Perspective from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo He has done it again! Michael Fletcher, our video guy has posted a short (6 minute) excerpt from his latest video ‘South West Light – A Photographer’s Perspective’. The finished 30 minute video will be first screened at our upcoming Ninety Degrees Five [...]

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August 7, 2012

Approaching storm 2000m, Pigment Print, 152cm x 152cm, 2012 Our modern DSLR cameras represent not a single device but numerous devices; cameras for everyone but no one in particular.  To the beginner these possibilities are camouflaged, indeed imprisoned behind the illusion of being able to be ‘wherever you want to be’ while the reality is [...]

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June 3, 2012

Heidelberg, Pigment Print, 152cm x 201cm, 2012 At the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Dinner on the 28 May 2012 at the Regent Theatre, Melbourne I was awarded the honour of Fellow of the Institute (FAIPP). I have received many congratulatory communications, for which I am certainly grateful, but also questions about my acceptance speech. [...]

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The Pilbara Project – ND5 Photographers’ Cut

April 7, 2012

Untitled, Pigment Print, 111cm x 111cm, 2010 The most conspicuous thing is that we (ND5) are a collective. It is as much an experiment about what can happen when a group forms from diverse but supportive individuals who are secure enough in their own practice to experiment with it. It is also about demonstrating a [...]

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What does landscape do?

March 12, 2012

In my garden, Pigment Print, 111cm x 111cm, 2010 • Landscape as a represented and a presented space, is both a real place and its simulacrum. • Landscape as an environment, whose historical formation circumscribed by European imperialism, is where we either find or lose ourselves. • Landscape as a wounded space, devastated by our [...]

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Landscape into Myth

February 10, 2012

The walls of the world, Pigment print, 127cm x 127cm, 2012 I am fascinated in the broadest sense by landscapes like the Pilbara, including my ignorance and insensitivity to them. I’m not ‘in the Pilbara’ in the way that scientists collect and identify its objects. Rather I am collecting what can’t be seen; evidence of [...]

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January 1, 2012

Colliding Worlds, Pigment Print, 127 x 170cm, 2011 A recent book review described him as “unquestionably one of the best-known, most prolific and most published photographers of the twentieth century” …  but although his “work earned him fame around the world, in recent decades it has often been derided by critics and curators as overly [...]

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Stillness and Stability

October 14, 2011

Falling Skies No 4, Pigment Print, 127 x 170cm, 2011 The world is often in far too much turmoil in front of the lens for me to also be in turmoil behind the lens. I therefore privilege the stillness of my camera as a welcome respite, and because I respect the extraordinary optical purity of [...]

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