Photoshopping Images Resource Page

SWL6345_borderOn this page you will find notes and other resources from my recent Loving Photoshop 101 course. My notes will remain on this server for ten days following the event.

My course notes require Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have this installed on your computer, download it from:

My movies are .mp4 (MPEG 4) files and can be played via Quicktime and most other video players


Right Click on each link to download the notes, or Left Click on each link to open the notes in a new Browser Window and select File/Save As to save the notes as a PDF.

Note: If you are viewing this page in Safari, click on each link to open the notes in a new Browser Window, and from the on-screen menu towards the bottom of the browser window select the SAVE (floppy disk icon) or PRINT (printer icon) buttons.

• ReadMe First (89 kb)

Introductory Notes:
The ABC of Colour Correction (143 kb)
Basic Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (46 kb)
Famous Five Image Processing Questions Vol I (828 kb)
Understanding Levels and Curves (1.1 mb)
Colour Correction Tools (442 kb)
Basic Layer Masks (665 kb)
Vignetting Images (809 kb)

Introductory Movies:
Famous Five Image Processing Edits Movie (28.4 mb)

Intermediate Notes:
• Four Compositions (75 kb)
How Pictures Come to Represent More than they Show (35 kb)
• The Famous Five Editing Tool Kit Vol II  (62 kb)
Independently Correcting HSB (44 kb)
• Matching Skin Tones (660 kb)
Converting RGB Images to B&W (286 kb)
BW Contrast Filters (2.6 mb)
Understanding Sharpening (94 kb)

Intermediate Movies:
Preparation for Printing Movie (37.6 mb)
HSL Selection and Correction Movie (11.1 mb)
Substituting Luminosity Movie (56.8 mb)
• Editing Portraits Movie (66.1 mb)


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