Collaborative Production and Research

StudioIn 1985 I established our first Collaborative Production and Research (CPR) facility and over the years have had the great privilege of working with hundreds of other artists, including Virgil Donati since 1985 as photographer, writer, producer and director (video), Peter Kennedy since 2000 as a digital compositor, editor and printer, and from 2005 with Polixeni Papapetrou in the creation of ten bodies of her work (including Haunted Country 2006, Games of Consequence 2008, Between Worlds 2009-2012, Dream Keepers 2012, The Ghillies 2013, Melancholia 2014, Lost Psyche 2014, Its all about me 2016, Eden 2016), and since 2008 with Bill Henson during his initial transition from analogue to digital production and subsequent revelations. In 2016-2017 I worked with Liz Dombrovskis and the National Library of Australia on the Peter Dombrovskis archive and the restoration, editing, pre press, and printing for the publication and retrospective exhibition Journeys into the Wild: The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis. Siri Hayes has also been a joy to work with in late 2017 on several projects utilising our Hasselblad 200 mpx multi-shot camera along with our lighting and compositing skills. 

We are not a ‘print on demand’ facility, but a collaborative studio where we work with and beside you during every stage of your file’s preparation and/or printing to ensure the result equals, if not exceeds your expectations. From editing a single image to design, layout and separations for publication, to the staging of events and exhibitions, we work with you no differently to how we research, develop, resolve, and manufacture our own works.

Our production facility includes state-of-the-art workflows with EIZO ColorEdge monitors, the finest papers, inksets and our custom profiles on Epson, Canon and HP large format archival pigment printers to 1625mm (64″) wide by any length. We mount works to 1524mm x 3050mm and Luke Ingram at Arten does all our framing and associated display manufacturing and production.

Our research facility is based around decades of technical, historical and philosophical research, including the successful supervision of over fifty research candidates, developing research methods for artists, mentoring individuals, small business strategies for the arts, a great deal of thinking and writing, and a great deal of technical invention and applied innovation devoted to the creation of works of art.

We also have extensive experience in sponsorship and endorsements, grant and fellowship applications, and other funding mechanisms, often contributing to research, production and manufacturing grants as a chief investigator.

If you are interested in us working together, please contact me with an outline of what you are looking to achieve. This can be as simple as a phone conversation or as detailed as a formal proposal.

Dr Les Walkling
Andrey Walkling