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Our Service Bureau provides a range of professional services from profiling, printing, scanning and reprographic photography, to consultation and training.

Our regular clients are professional artists, photographers, designers, publishers, writers, printers, photo laboratories, service bureaus, and state and federal government institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, National Museum of Australia, National Library of Australia, Australian War Memorial, Australian Museum, Western Australian Museum, Melbourne Museum, South Australian Museum, Queensland Museum, National Archives of Australia, CSIRO Atlas of Living Australia, Department of Defence, Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Victoria Police Forensic Services Centre, and Australian Universities, Art Schools, TAFE and Independent Tertiary and Secondary Colleges.

Our profiling services cover all digital equipment, from ICC and DNG scanner and camera profiles to custom RGB, B&W and CMYK printer profiles with a guaranteed ave. DeltaE2000 < 1.0. Custom variations of each profile are available at no extra charge, for example, balancing Lightness versus Chroma compression, expanded shadow separation, custom white and black points, and other enhancements.

We also offer Sample Prints for Media Evaluation where a supplied test image is printed in our custom profiled workflow on either an Epson SureColor, Epson Stylus Pro, or Canon Pro printer on the different media under evaluation. This is a cost-effective service supporting the accurate comparison and evaluation of different media without initially incurring the expense of custom profiles for every media under investigation. For more information please see Evaluating Print Media.

We also run the Canson Certified Master Printer Program (CCMP) through Kayell Australia for Canson and have designed it to support professional print providers such as Photo Labs, Artists, Museums and Galleries. To be awarded the title ‘Canson Certified Master Printer’ acknowledges that you are capable of rigorously and consistently producing inkjet prints of the highest possible aesthetic and technical quality. The certification program through its demanding adherence to exacting production and quality control standards provides independent acknowledgement of your exemplary craftsmanship and artistic commitment to the fine art of digital print making. We create the certified CCMP printer profiles as well as run the twelve monthly verification and annual education seminars. The CCMP program is by invitation only. For more information please see CCMP.

Since 2016 we have also run the separate Canson Certified Printer Program for professional photographers, artists, illustrators, and designers, which provides the same highest imaginable quality and stunningly beautiful printer profiles from the Canson Certified Master Printer Program, only without the additional quality assurance criteria and pre requisites of a professional print provider.  For more information please see CCMP.

Our printing service includes the meticulous rendering of your work on Epson SureColor P20070 (64in), Stylus Pro 9900 (44in), SureColor P800 (17in), Canon Pro 1000 (17in), and HP Z3200 (44in) large format archival pigment printers and the finest media available, including the entire  range of Canson Infinity digital fine art and photo media. Each printer has been custom modified for the finest imaginable print quality that is further enhanced by our range of profile variants which optimise the printer’s output for many different and often conflicting print criteria.

Our fine art reprographic services include reflective and transmissive works of any size using multi-shot 200 mpx Hasselblad digital cameras to produce non-interpolated true 16bit files up to 2.4GB (23200 x 17400 pixels). Our light sources and illuminant specific ICC camera profiles ensure a colorimetric accuracy of DeltaE2000 < 2.5 across our standard test charts.

Our scanning services include the highest quality non-interpolated 16-bit diffuse density film and print scanning to any size up to 23200 x 17400 pixels (1924mm x 1473mm x 300ppi). We also provide when required 32-bit HDR diffuse density scans with an expanded dynamic range resulting in absolutely noiseless shadows with maximum detail irrespective of the film’s original density or dynamic range. Our scans can also be provided as RAW files or 16-bit Photoshop Smart Objects allowing you to re-render the original data to your unique specifications.

Our consulting services include the design and implementation of ICC colour managed workflows including custom input and output profiling, quantitative analysis, quality control audits, pre-press and reprographic services, and photographic workflow management.

Our training services include work-place workshops, project mentoring, and one-on-one tuition in your studio or our studio. An extensive range of public and private courses, workshops, seminars and lectures are also presented each year.

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