Colour Artistry Workshop Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our most recent Colour Artistry Studio Workshop. 

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• Colour Artistry Workshop Sessions – September 2024 (3.42 gb)

• Complete Colour Artistry Resources Package
 (383 mb)


Workshop Summary:
Colour Artistry Workshop Summary (61 kb)
Colour Artistry Check List (37 kb)

Essential Distinctions:
• Colour Managed Workflow Diagram (41 kb)
Understanding Colour (44 kb)
Colour Managed Workflows Principles (479 kb)
Colour Managed Workflows Systems (219 kb)
Colour Managed Workflows RGB Working Spaces (1.6 mb)
Converting is not the same as Assigning (862 kb)
Gamut Mapping (475 kb)
Converting to sRGB (5.3 mb)

Working and Viewing Environments:
• Are you seeing correct colour? (444 kb)
• Lighting Theory (821 kb)
Paint – Neutral Grey Formula (29 kb)

Monitor Profiling:
• Introduction to Monitor Calibration (52 kb)
Monitor Calibration for Screen Based Workflows (52 kb)
Calibrating Dual Screens (57 kb)
• Monitor Theory (210 kb)
• Basic ISO 3664:2009 Monitor Calibration Movie (YouTube)
• Advanced Soft Proofing Monitor Calibration Movie (YouTube)
• Advanced Soft Proofing Monitor Calibration Script (39 kb)
Advanced Soft Proofing Monitor Addendum Movie (YouTube)

Printer Profiling:
Colour Managed Workflows Printing (1.5 mb)
Why Les Walkling & Co Custom Printer Profiles? (577 kb)
Profile Variants (120 kb)
Printing Test Charts through the Adobe Color Printer Utility Movie (YouTube)
Printing Test Charts through Mirage Print Movie (YouTube)
Printing Lightroom Movie Download (35.1 mb)

Soft Proofing:
Matching Prints to Screen (237 kb)
Soft Proofing Practice (1.6 mb)
Soft Proofing Theory (933 kb)
• HSL Soft Proof Correction (192 kb)

Camera Profiling:
Capture One Custom Camera Profiling (9.1 mb)
Working with Custom DNG Camera Profiles (55 kb)
DNG Camera Profiling in Adobe Lightroom Movie Download (95.5 mb)

Test Charts:
• ColorChecker 24-Step_Adobe RGB_Target (125 kb)
• ColorChecker 24-Step_sRGB_Target (56 kb)
• Paper White Luminance Target (13 kb)
Ambient 50% Grey Luminance Target (7 kb)
• Light-Dark Levels LAB Test Target (105 kb)
• Uniform Greyscale Test Target (17 kb)

Colour Perception and Acuity:
• Xrite Online Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test (URL)
Colour Artistry Workshop References (86 kb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: