Crafting a Digital Print Workshop Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our Crafting a Digital Print Studio Workshop. 

Left Click on each link to access the file in a new browser window (zipped folders can’t be previewed) where you can Download it directly from our DropBox.

 (140 kb)

Crafting a Digital Print Resources:
Complete  Crafting a Digital Print Resources Package (427 mb)


Workflow Notes:
•  Working with Pictures (59 kb)
•  The Workflow in Three Stages (44 kb)
•  Crafting a Digital Print Toolkit (47 kb)
•  Famous Fives Summary (48 kb)
•  Elements of Coercion and Fact (39 kb)
•  Spatial Relations Summary (14 kb)
•  Blending Modes (4.5 mb)
•  Blend If Grey (Photoshop) (139 kb)
•  Blend Ranges (Affinity Photo) (2.1 mb)
•  Sharpening Workflow (365 kb)
•  My Emotional Theory of Print Size (42 kb)
•  My Emotional Theory of Aspect Ratios (378 kb)

Photoshop Actions & Affinity Photo Macros:
•  Crafting a Digital Print Photoshop Actions (2 kb)
•  Crafting a Digital Print Affinity Photo Macros (5 kb)
•  Installing Photoshop Actions and Affinity Photo Macros (540 kb)

•  Preparation for Printing Movie Download (47.2 mb)
•  Dodging and Burning Movie Download (49.3 mb)
•  Brush Work Movie Download (78.5 mb)
•  Blending Adjustment Layers Movie Download (74.5 mb)
•  Luminosity Masking Movie Download (35.1 mb)
•  HSL Selection and Correction Movie Download (11.1 mb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: