Frequently Asked Questions (Support)

Are the videos and notes free?

Yes they are. Though derived from our workshops, courses, seminars and lectures they are presented here without any attachment to those events. And while offering answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive, they also present pathways to our workshops and consulting services, that enable us to offer these FAQ resources without charge.

Can I post these resources on another website?

Please do not do this. Version control and context is as important as the content, and as we strive for clarity and efficiency we hope that is also respected. Thanks.

Can I share these resources?

Please do not do this. Our preference is for our website to be the single repository of our resources as that is the only way we can ensure the latest versions are being accessed. This is also why we include creation and modification dates in each resource description. Therefore please feel free to share our website’s permalink but not the resources themselves. Thanks.

How can I access additional resources on a specific topic?

Our studio workshop program is extensive and runs over two semesters each year, with additional workshops offered as requested. Our consultations and supervision is available everyday throughout the year with video conferencing and remote access software ensuring the most cost-effective and time zone independent support possible.

Do you supply bibliographies?

Our studio workshop resources include both abridged and extended bibliographies, and sometimes multiple bibliographies (eg. Thinking Photography) for each workshop. Specific bibliographies can also be obtained on request, which usually follows a consultation, or are developed for supervised projects.

What if I find an error or mistake in any of your resources?

While we offer these resources ‘as is’ and free of charge, we are also ever so grateful when someone finds an error or mistake and lets us know. And while providing immediate answers to FAQs, they can always be improved in clarity, accuracy, and breadth, but only if we know where they are letting others down. Therefore constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Can resources be requested that aren’t available?

We spend a lot of time working on or consulting on different creative projects, whose research outcomes are usually written up or turned into video essays. In fact, most of our resources have been created in response to specific requests, or while resolving pressing questions, or through the production and inspiration artistic endeavours provide. Therefore we welcome questions and requests, because we never know ‘before the fact’  what our next most important research topic will be, and your question or request may very well contribute to it.