Film Processing Workshop Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our Film Processing Studio Workshop. 

Left Click on each link to access the file in a new browser window (zipped folders can’t be previewed) where you can Download it directly from our DropBox.

ReadMe First (60 kb)

• Exposure (75 kb)
Exposure Check List (25 kb)
• Understanding Unsharp Masking Notes (365 kb)

Contemporary Development Notes:
Film Processing Sequence (50 kb)
Basic Film Calibration Procedure (41 kb)
• Sheet Film Calibrations (46 kb)
• FP4+ XTOL Calibration Data (56 kb)
HP5+ XTOL Calibration Data (61 kb)
TMax 100 XTOL Calibration Data (84 kb)
TMax 400 XTOL Calibration Data (60 kb)

Historical Development Notes:
• The Negative 1996 Syllabus (114 kb)
TMax 400 Film Calibration Notes (19 kb)
My Pyro Metol Film Developer (7 kb)
PMK Developer and Calibration (40 kb)
Inspection Development (28 kb)

Zone System Calculation Movie (23.5 mb)
Proper Proof Scanning Movie (19.6 mb)

• Zone System Calculator (220 kb)
• Wratten Filters Handbook (1.6 mb)
• Kodak Wratten #90 Monochromatic Viewing Filter URL

Bibliography (45 kb)
• Emmet Gowin Darkroom (3 mb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: