Fine Art Reproduction Workshop Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our Fine Art Reproduction Studio Workshop. 

Left Click on each link to access the file in a new browser window (zipped folders can’t be previewed) where you can Download it directly from our DropBox.

•  README First (153 kb)

Workflow Notes
•  Digital Capture to Print Workflow Overview (103 kb)
•  Printing Workflow Summary (74 kb)

File Preparation Notes
•  The Five Image Processing Questions (828 kb)
•  The ABC of Colour Correction (143 kb)
•  My Emotional Theory of Print Size (42 kb)
•  My Emotional Theory of Aspect Rations (378 kb)
•  Sharpening Workflow (318 kb)

Printing Notes
•  The Famous Five Domains of Print Making (15 kb)
•  The Famous Five Paper Characteristics (30 kb)
•  Paper Classification (520 kb)
•  Printing with Mirage Print (4.0 mb)
•  Preparing Images for Printing on MK Papers (22 kb)
•  Photoshop Hard Proofing for Printing with Pro Labs (2.9 mb)
•  Why Les Walkling & Co Custom Profiles? (604 kb)

Printing Movies
•  Printing Lightroom Movie DOWNLOAD (35.1 mb)
•  Preparation for Printing Movie DOWNLOAD (45.1 mb)
•  Flattening Curled Paper Corners and Edges Movie DOWNLOAD (14.2 mb)
•  Paper Flattening (YouTube)
•  The New Canson Infinity Inkjet Papers (YouTube)

Monitor Calibration and Soft Proofing
•  Are you Seeing Correct Colour? (60 kb)
•  Introduction to Monitor Calibration (52 kb)
•  Lighting Theory (809 kb)
•  Advanced Soft Proofing Monitor Calibration Movie (Youtube)
•  HSL Soft Proof Correction Layer (160 kb)

Printing Aids
•  Warm Tone and Cold Tone Soft Proofing Printer Profiles (2.1 mb)
•  Light-Dark Levels LAB Test Target (15.75 mb)
•  21 Step Uniform LAB Printing Grey Scale (26 kb)
•  ColourChecker 24 Step Adobe RGB Test Target (52 kb)
•  ColourChecker 24 Step sRGB Test Target (56 kb)
•  White Point Luminance Target (13 kb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: