Les Walkling, Heidelberg Studio

Les Walkling – Heidelberg Studio


Our consultations enable an individual to focus on the finer details of their artistic development. From fifteen minutes to a half-day or full day session to multiple days spread over several weeks or months, our consultations are an exceptional opportunity to work closely with us to refine specific areas of your creative practice.  We use Zoom video conferencing software for our consultations from our multi-camera studio, and have a commercial license so there are no restrictions.  We also use Team Viewer QS to remotely work together on our computers while using either Zoom or a Smart Phone or iPad/Tablet for audio, along with our DropBox File Request folders for the uploading/downloading of image files and other documents.

$180/hr + GST (charged by the 1/4 hour) or $600/half-day + GST

Consultations are a chance to cover content, processes and outcomes that because of their specialist focus are not necessarily covered in our studio workshops or weekend courses.  This might take the form of close mentoring and evaluation of your existing practice, and/or its focused development within specific historical, technical, philosophical or personal contexts. A consultation might focus on a single issue, or spend an entire day working on a single picture, or it might equally canvas a broad and diverse range of possibilities. Whatever the content of the Consultation it tends to be covered in much greater depth and in a more focused and rigorous manner than is usually possible in our weekend courses and short courses.

Our consultations are not timetabled but occur in response to individuals directly approaching us for specialist assistance, guidance and training. The scheduling of a consultation is organised around who is attending, their time zone and other commitments, and can take place 24/7 because we recognise that sometimes answers can’t wait.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or wish to organise a consultation.

Mobile: +614 385 90 093

Last updated 08 January 2021