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3DLUT Creator – Virtual Workshop 2020

The challenges and opportunities facilitated through digital technology can be absolutely fascinating and equally infuriating.  So how can we keep up with such rapid change?  What don’t we know but need to understand?  What new skills are required?  And where do we even begin?  In answering such questions I find it helpful to distinguish between those intellectual skills that enable us to engage and understand, and the practical skills that facilitate our creativity and to realise our dreams and desires.

The intellectual skills tend to be quickly acquired, for example over a weekend or two, but the practical skills take much longer.  This is why we offer such a broad range of educational programs, from one-on-one mentoring to public lectures to week-long residential courses.  Each serves a different purpose and caters for different needs.

Private Consultations:
Private Consultations can be scheduled at anytime and in any time zone via Zoom video conferencing and Team Viewer QS Remote Desktop software.  They provide an exceptional opportunity to refine specific areas of your creative practice, to support ongoing projects, and closely mentor your artistic development.  They can also cover unique content, and in greater depth and a more focused manner than can usually be realised in our studio workshops or weekend courses.  In this sense the content is unique to you and your methods, theory, skills and techniques.  The cost of a Private Consultation is AUS $200/hr + GST (charged by the 1/4 hour) or AUS $750/ half day + GST.

Studio Workshops:
Our Studio Workshops are presented live from our multi-camera Melbourne studio between 10.00am to 5.00pm AEST and via Zoom video conferencing software and DropBox file transfers.  They are intensive one day events and being in our own studio you are working with us and our state-of-the-art equipment and workflows, and with complete access to all our research, libraries and archive.  While each studio workshop focuses on a specific topic and skill set, the priority is always your questions and how to translate and adapt our ‘world’s best practice’ into your own working environment.  Detailed workshop outlines are available by clicking the individual workshop titles.  The cost of a Studio Workshop is AUS $330 including GST.

Short Courses - not running during the COVID pandemic:
We also run six week duration short courses on Monday evenings from 6.30pm to 9.00pm.  Each class includes focussed exercises (both in-class and between classes) to guide your practice and consolidate your learning, while the longer duration format also maximises feedback and other opportunities such as the regular reviews of your work and weekly summaries of our progress.  This all takes place in a supportive and enquiring learning environment where sharing and cooperation is a priority.  They are ideal for anyone who learns best in a group environment and/or benefits from the extended conversations and ongoing support that the episodic nature of a short course prioritises.  The cost of our Short Courses are AUS $495 including GST.

Weekend Courses - not running during the COVID pandemic:
We also present weekend courses at contemporary art spaces such as the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne), Monash Gallery of Art (Melbourne), PhotoAccess (Canberra), The EIZO Gallery (Sydney), and Sun Studios (Sydney & Melbourne).  Our weekend courses are attended by artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, animators, curators, archivists, scientists, teachers, students, and enthusiasts.  They have a maximum enrolment of 12 and the two day format ensures plenty of  time for reflection, revision and consolidation during the workshop. The class hours are 10.00am to 4.30pm on both days.  This also provides extra time before and after class for one-on-one consultations, as well as supporting our fly-in fly-out visitors and others who have to travel long distances to attend.  Our weekend courses also vary from extended studio workshops, to specialist one-off events, and custom syllabi covering multiple topics.  The cost of a Weekend Course (two day course) is AUS $495 including GST.

Residential Courses:
We run week long residential courses such as our annual Daintree workshop at the James Cook University DRO Research Station at Cape Tribulation in Nth Queensland. This is a unique experience generously supported by our sponsors who also attend the workshop and supply ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment, knowledge and materials for all our creative photography needs.  All inclusive costs ex Cairns are AIPP/ACMP/NZIPP/LPN Members AUS $ 3820, Non-members AUS $ 4150, Full time students AUS $ 3100.

How to Proceed:
Begin by categorising or grouping your requirements into areas of interest.  This helps prevent being overwhelmed by the possibilities and opportunities, while also identifying your most pressing concerns, and not just the practical skills, but where your understanding and confidence is strong, and where it is not.  For example, if you are looking to improve your digital camera and creative capture skills, then our Knowing and Loving your Camera short course would be ideal, but if you are already ‘camera competent’ but want to prepare and print your own images, then our Digital Printing Studio Workshop is the perfect introduction – we even custom profile your printer for you!  But if you are already printing your own images and are happy with your paper selection and print to screen matching, but are seeking even more refined and spectacular prints, then our Crafting a Digital Print Studio Workshop is designed for you.  But if you can’t quickly locate specific images, or identify different versions of the same image, or are unsure if their storage and backups are safe and reliable, our Cataloguing and Archiving Studio Workshop will help you look after yourself as well as your precious images.  Or if you want to break out of the limitations and frustrations of an Adobe Photoshop workflow, then our Affinity Photo and 3DLUT Creator – Beyond Photoshop Studio Workshops will ‘change your life’, and profoundly advance your pictorial understanding, editing, and image perfecting skills.  On the other hand if you desire more meaning and creative purpose in your pictures and how they can ‘capture hearts and minds’ then our Understanding Pictures and Thinking Photography Studio Workshops will be incredibly inspiring.  Or if your passion is the classic B&W photograph, our The B&W Digital Image Studio Workshop will not only extend your personal and historical interests, but also profoundly improve your entire workflow from pre-visualisation to capture, editing and printing, and there are many other offerings at our Studio Workshops page.

Attending one of our workshops or courses will also provide an overview of the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.  Learning what you do and don’t know helps identify not only what is most pressing in your current practice, but also where you can quickly make the biggest improvements in your work, understanding, and confidence.

Online bookings and payments are available for all of our events via the links on each workshop/course page.

More Information:
Please consult the individual studio workshop/course outlines under the COURSES tab in the main menu at the top of this page.  Also our Courses Calendar provides a regularly updated list of what programs we are presenting throughout the year, while our Testimonials and FAQ pages collate feedback from participants at our recent studio workshops, courses, seminars and lectures.


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