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Knowing and Loving your Camera Short Course

Knowing and Loving your Camera – CCP Short Course

Our short courses are offered at introductory and intermediate levels, and are often enrolled in prior to undertaking our more specialised Studio Workshops. In this sense our short courses can be characterised as comprehensive self-contained courses, but also provide a perfect foundation for further study, both formal (Higher Education) and informal, and across a broad spectrum of photographic and contemporary art.  Then again, others enrol in our short courses to ‘fill’ gaps in their existing practice, along with the associated joy of sharing interests with others equally interested in photography.  As a result collectives and groups often form who meet on a regular basis and continue what our short courses originally established and nurtured.

Another highlight of our short courses are the advantages of team-teaching, especially the breadth of voices and viewpoints offered, along with the weekly feedback on your progress. Aspects of photographic culture and history are also included to help you expand and contextualise your practice, especially your understanding of not just photography, but how pictures function and communicate.

Our Knowing and Loving your Camera short course also has a course resource website, and each week we add additional resources (notes/videos/images) as well as emailing a detailed summary of what was covered in that class.

Our Melbourne short courses run from 6.30pm to 9.00pm on Monday evenings, and are repeated each semester.  Class sizes are purposely kept small to emphasise individual attention and learning outcomes.

Short Courses (six week course) are $495 including GST.

Enquires and Enrolments:
For more information follow the above links to each short course page which includes a detailed course outline, course dates, and online booking facilities. Also please don’t hesitate to contact us at  if you have any questions.


Les and Andrey Walkling
Updated 21 December 2021