Knowing and Loving your Camera Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our Knowing and Loving your Camera Short Course. Last updated December 2019.

Left Click on each link to access the file in a new browser window (zipped folders can’t be previewed) where you can Download it directly from our DropBox.

Syllabus and Course Summaries
•  Knowing and Loving your Camera Syllabus (38 kb)
•  README_First – Weekly Class Summaries 2019 (172 kb)

Introduction to Camera Craft
•  Capture Factors (49 kb)
•  What sort of a Photographer are you? (16 kb)

•  Finding the Image in the Scene (57 kb)
•  Basic Camera Craft Exercises (56 kb)
•  Basic Camera Craft Examples (3.5 mb)
•  Camera Perspective (1 mb)

Fundamental Camera Craft Skills
Exposure – F Stops & Shutter Speeds (409 kb)
ISO & Shutter Speed Combinations (79 kb)
ISO & F Stop Combinations (79 kb)
F Stop & Shutter Speed Combinations (74 kb)

• Capture Factors in Action (20 kb)
Auto versus Manual Exposure (700 kb)
Equivalent Exposures Movie download (33.1 mb)

Advanced Camera Craft Distinctions
Depth of Field Principles (31 kb)
Depth of Field with Changing Aperture – sequence (162 kb)
Depth of Field with Changing Focal Length – sequence (162 kb)
Depth of Field with Changing Focus Distance – sequence (162 kb)

• Dynamic Range (638 kb)
• Histograms (749 kb)
• Camera Formats and Lens Selection (1.2 mb)

Extending Camera Craft through Post Production
• Importing Lightroom Movie download (55.9 mb)
• Developing Lightroom Movie download (119.4 mb)
Lightroom Workflow (86 kb)
• Famous Five Post Production Questions (828 kb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: