Thinking Photography Workshop Resources

On this page you will find the resources from our Thinking Photography Studio Workshop. 

Left Click on each link to access the file in a new browser window (zipped folders can’t be previewed) where you can Download it directly from our DropBox.

•  ReadMe First (114 kb)

Elements and Principles
•  Poetic Logic (12 kb)
•  Points of Departure (28 kb)
•  Words and Images (30 kb)
•  It is all about the meaning (22 kb)
•  Dead Ends, Detours and Forest Trails (81 kb)

Photographing Ourselves
•  Photographing Ourselves Outline (18 kb)
•  Portraits and Maps (112 kb)
•  Interpretive Frameworks (58 kb)
•  Counterfeiting Happiness (82 kb)

Photographing the Natural World
•  Photographing the Natural World Outline (18 kb)
•  Land and Landscapes (104 kb)
•  Introduction to Pictorial Design (288 kb)
•  Photographing the Land (160 kb)

Photographing the Built Environment
•  Photographing the Built Environment Outline (18 kb)
•  Spaces and Places (113 kb)
•  How do pictures come to represent more than they show? (35 kb)
•  Between the Known and the Unknown (114 kb)

Photographing Inhabited Places
•  Photographing Inhabited Places Outline (18 kb)
•  The Witnessed Document (132 kb)
•  Roland Barthes – The Great Family of Man Mythology (641 kb)
•  Susan Sontag – Extracts from Regarding the Pain of Others (2.2 mb)
•  In the Absence of Grace (119 kb)
•  Opening not Closing Remarks (114 kb)

•  Thinking Photograph Bibliography (114 kb)

Movie downloads are MPEG files that can be viewed in most video players, and our course notes require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat: