Studio Workshops  –  Live and Interactive via ZOOM
•  2024 Dates TBC

This workshop can also be Time-Shifted for anyone unable to attend on the days it is presented, or time zone is too offset to comfortably attend in real time.

This advanced Master Class picks up from where our introductory 3DLUT Creator studio workshop concludes, and is the perfect chance to extend your understanding and application of 3DLUT Creator in your own workflow. Being a Master Class it is centred on your experience as an image creator and how you might best incorporate and fully integrate 3DLUT Creator’s phenomenally creative and productive possibilities into your life and work. It is also an opportunity for revising the ‘first principles’ of image making, and can feature the tools and techniques that are beyond the scope of the introductory workshop. But as a Master Class it is mainly focused on your aims, questions and ways of working; from perfecting the appearance of an image, to the resolution of its iconography, symbolism and functionality, and everything in-between. Specific questions and processes that have been addressed in past Master Classes include:

•  Colour Spaces versus Colour Models
•  Navigating 3DLUT Creator’s Interface and Logic
•  The relationship between Brightness, Saturation and Hue
•  Selecting the best Colour Model for specific tasks
•  Working with Nodes on Grids and Curves
•  Independently Editing and Enhancing Colour and Tonal Compositions

•  RGB Tools
•  Non-RGB Tools
•  Which Tools do I use, and in what order, and why?
•  Colour Models and Non-RGB tools
•  Advanced Masking in 3DLUT Creator
•  Liberating Creative Layer Masking in Photoshop and Affinity Photo

•  Designing a workflow that works
•  3DLUT Creator and Catalogues and Metadata
•  3DLUT Creator and Raw processing (Lightroom, C1, Luminar 4 et al.)
•  3DLUT Creator and Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo
•  3DLUT Creator and Fine Art Printing and Hard & Soft Proofing
•  3DLUT Creator and Reprographic Restoration

•  Editing the Emotional Relationship between Colour and Form
•  Harmonising Colours and other Pictorial Principles
•  Enhancing ‘Presence’ and the ‘Third Dimension’
•  Re mapping ‘Out-of-Gamut’ values
•  Atmospheric Effects and Emotional Resonance
•  Channel Re Mapping and the Creation of ‘Other Worlds’

This Master Class is open to anyone who has already attended one of our introductory 3DLUT Creator studio workshops. The only other pre-requisite is a familiarity with 3DLUT Creator (that you would have acquired from the introductory workshop). The workshop is presented as a live and interactive event where most of our time is devoted to your practice. That is, you are encouraged to work on your own images as we answer your questions and resolve any problems or stumbling blocks that are ‘getting in your way’. We then set about enhancing and extending your editing and colour grading prowess to the point that your images become honed and polished to ‘perfection’. We work with high definition video conferencing and remote desktop software that enable an incredible level of immediate and practical engagement. Attendees are also encouraged, where appropriate, to share LUTs and other discoveries and successes as we work together to refine our understanding, enhance our techniques, and streamline our workflows in pursuit of imaging excellence.

The workshop is supported by a resource rich website with detailed course notes and videos.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 7+ hours from 9.30am – 1.00pm Saturday & Sunday (AEST/AEDT)
Support: Extensive notes, videos, test forms and workshop HD video recordings
Class Size: Average class size of 6
Cost: AUS $330 including GST per person
More Information: See FAQ (Education)
Bookings: Email

Updated 06 December 2023