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Updated 29 March 2023

WORDS Introduction

WORDS includes examples of my writing – from artist statements to lectures, speeches, and essays. Though never considering myself a writer, as an image maker I nevertheless need to and enjoy writing.

Dead Ends, Detours and Forest Trails

Artist’s catalogue statement from my solo exhibition ‘So To Live As To Dream’  at the National Gallery of Victoria, from the 3 March to 27 May 1990.

In the Absence of Grace

Artist’s statement, September 1994.

The Walls of the World

Artist statement, December 2019

Is That All There Is

Artist statement, January 2019.

Shark Bay

Artist statement, July 2013.


This artist statement was presented at Maud Creative in Brisbane for the opening of our ND5 NORTH + EAST exhibitions which ran from the 27 March to 26 April 2015.

Photography, Cinema, and the Drama of Representation

Andrey Walkling’s MA by Research Artist Statement, 01 February 2016.

ND5 Investigations 2010-13

My writings from the exhibition ‘Earth Matters: Contemporary Photographers in the Landscape’ developed by the Monash Gallery of Art for CLIMARTE 2014, a Melbourne-wide Festival of art exhibitions, forums and talks that seek to harness the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

ND5 Earth Matters Exhibition Design and Layout

The ND5 exhibition layout at 1:40 scale including prints, wall labels and texts as exhibited in ‘Earth Matters: Contemporary Photographers in the Landscape’ at Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, from the 6 March to 3 May 2015.