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Our consultations are an exceptional opportunity to work closely with us refining specific areas of your artistic practice, creative scholarship, business strategies, or teaching and learning pedagogy. Consultations also support, facilitate and mentor individuals in their professional development. The duration can be from a single one-off consultation devoted to a specific topic on a ‘need to know’ basis, to multiple sessions regularly timetabled or spread over weeks, months or years. We use ZOOM video conferencing software from our multi-camera broadcast studio, and if needed TeamViewer QS to simultaneously work together on the same computer, along with smart phone or tablet roving webcams and our DropBox File Request folders for the uploading and downloading of image files, measurement data, and other documents.

The cost of a private consultation is AUS $200/hr + GST (charged by the 1/4 hour). Typical consultations vary between one to two hours, but are capped at a maximum cost of $300 + GST to ensure what needs to be covered is adequately addressed without the ‘time taken’ getting in the way.

Consultations are a chance to cover content, processes, knowledge and outcomes that because of their personal focus or specialist nature are not necessarily covered in our studio workshops or residential courses. A consultation might focus on a single issue, or canvas a broad and diverse range of questions, from personal mentoring to auditing education or production workflows, or focused scholarship and research within specific historical, technical, or philosophical contexts. Whatever the content of a consultation it tends to be covered in much greater depth, and in a more focused and rigorous manner than is usually otherwise possible.

Supporting other artists and their creative endeavours is something I undertake with the utmost professionalism and dedication. My first University appointment was in 1983 as a lecturer in drawing, and subsequently in fine art photography and media arts history and theory. I am the former Program Director of Media Arts at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (1993-2005), and a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Art (2006-2010) where I supervised over fifty MA and PhD research candidates to successful and timely completions. I still teach into RMIT’s Master of Photography program and continue to regularly consult with State and Federal government cultural institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, the National Library of Australia, etc. (please see my History page for more details). I’m an Australia Council for the Arts and Australian Research Council multiple grants recipient, and serve on Local Government Arts and Culture Boards of Management and Advisory Groups. I have also run a collaborative commercial research and production studio for over three decades, working with many of Australia’s finest artists, scholars and educators. I therefore have not only the necessary experience, sensitivity and commitment, but also provide an extensive intellectual, exhibition, publication, production, governance and business network in support of your aims and objectives.  

Our consultations occur in response to someone contacting us seeking specialist assistance, guidance, knowledge, support or mentoring. The scheduling depends on their time zone and other commitments, but can take place at any time because we recognise that sometimes answers can’t wait.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to organise a consultation.

Dr Les Walkling
Phone: +614 38 59 00 93
Email: Enquiries

Last updated 26 November 2022