NOTES – Calibrating

NOTES includes short papers and test files abridged from our workshops and consultations that address the most commonly asked questions.

Calibrating                    Printing                    Editing

Updated 29 March 2023






ColorChecker 24 step AdobeRGB Target

A printable version of my Gretag Macbeth 24 Step Color Checker in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. Print this file, and under your standard print viewing conditions and light source compare the print with its screen rendering. In an accurately profiled soft proofing workflow there should be a very high correlation between the print and screen renderings.

ColorChecker 24 step sRGB Target

A screen version of my Gretag Macbeth  24 Step Color Checker in the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour space. Use this file to compare renderings across multiple monitors in a screen based workflow (such as for web development). In an accurately profiled workflow there should be a very high correlation between the rendering of this target on all screens.

White Point Luminance Target

A 255R 255G 255B file for setting the monitor white point in applications like Adobe Lightroom that can only import files, not create them. Use for matching the screen white point with your printing paper’s white point as illustrated in our Advanced Soft Proofing Monitor Calibration Video.

Ambient Lighting Evaluation Target

A mid-grey L*50 file for evaluating and setting surrounding ambient illumination in screen based colour critical editing environments. When matte paper-white matches L*50 mid-grey on an 80cd/m^2  peak brightness screen the ambient illumination will be close to ISO3664:2009’s recommended ≤ 32LUX.

Light-Dark Levels Printing Target

A target for testing the correlation between screen and print appearance. All L* values from 1 to 99 should be equally visible on screen and in print in an accurately profiled workflow and without compromising Dmax.

Neutral 256 Step Wedge

This file encompasses 256 evenly distributed brightness levels without dithering (noise) for evaluation of the gradation smoothness and neutrality of monitor and printer profiles.

Neutral 21 Step Wedge LAB

A target for evaluating a digital file’s screen appearance before printing. In programs that don’t support the LAB colour model first convert to the workflow’s RGB or CMYK source colour space.

RGBCMYK Gradients

An untagged RGB file with Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Neutral linear gradients and 100% saturation markers for plotting how saturation alters relative to brightness changes.