NOTES – Editing

NOTES includes short papers and test files abridged from our workshops and consultations that address the most commonly asked questions.

Calibrating                    Printing                    Editing

Updated 04 March 2023.




Are you Seeing Correct Colour?

A simple outline of two basic evaluations anyone can undertake to help them understand why their prints do not match their screen and why Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom soft proofing does not work. Last updated 28 July 2019.

Notes on Reprographic Photography

A collection of recommendations and observations on the digitising of cultural and biological collections, including quality control, verification, camera alignment, lighting, diffraction, and depth of field considerations. Last updated 03 December 2018.

Luminosity Mapping

The conversion of multi-channel images to a single greyscale channel is based on a luminosity formula, which in turn is based on a theory of perception. This paper examines Photoshop’s methodology and why desaturation and other conversion formulae do not always produce a satisfactory perceptual result. Last updated 24 May 2014.</em

Editing Out of Gamut Colours

A method for the local perceptual compression of Relative Colorimetric (B2A1) ‘out-of-gamut’ transformations using the L*a*b* colour model, as implemented in applications like Adobe Photoshop and analytical tools like ColorThink Pro. Last updated 11 December 2006.

B&W Contrast Filters

The calculation of digital equivalents to Kodak’s Wratten Filters and their implementation in preparing digital BW fine prints. Last updated 13 June 2020.

Toning BW Digital Images

A luminosity masking method for toning digital images so as to emulate the ‘look, feel and presence’ of toned silver gelatin fine prints. Last updated 03 August 2015.