This section of our website addresses our most commonly asked questions.


The notes and videos on our Support website come from our bountiful studio workshop resources though are presented here independently of their workshops because of the universal questions they address. Our most commonly asked questions also tend to fall into one or more of the following categories.:

• What are you looking to improve in your photography?

This broad question focuses on the area(s) of photography the consultation will address. For example, will it be on aspects of camera craft, printing, workflow, post production, colour management, art history and theory, contemporary fine art practice, career consulting, or other.

• Are there specific areas or skills that you already feel competent in, but now wish to polish or perfect?

This question addresses the depth of your current understanding and practice. For example, you might already be proficient with the basic concepts of digital printing but now want to significantly extend your file preparation and colour management skills. Or you might be already comfortable with your camera handling skills, but now want to significantly extend your understanding and application of pictorial design in the composition of your pictures, and their installation or exhibition.

• Are there current difficulties or problems that you want to resolve?

This question is about areas of your knowledge/practice that you have already identified as holding you back. For example, you are looking to significantly expand your photographic skills but are concerned that your workflow and processing methods aren’t where they need to be, or that your equipment and software are letting you down, or that you wish there was ‘more’ to your photography or are seeking ways to reinvigorate and reconnect with the photographic reasons you originally fell in love with.

And when needed, additional gains can be rapidly achieved in your personal, creative and professional development through our Workshops, and Production & Mentoring Consultations that continue ‘the conversation’ supporting your aspirations and objectives, and ensuring the most inspiring, engaging and profound outcomes.

Dr Les Walkling
Andrey Walkling

Last updated 29 December 2023