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Studio Workshops Online – Live and Interactive
•  12th June 2022

As distinct from capturing an image in the camera, Photoshop allows us to make an image, or create an image, or substantially refine or evolve an image. It allows us to combine images and design around images, even analyse images, but most importantly, it allows us to magically transform our images. It is not only the world’s leading image editing program, it is an indispensable tool in the imaginative visual realisation of our thoughts, feelings and associations. While other programs can perform some of the same tasks as Photoshop, such as the processing of camera RAW files, Photoshop can do so much more. This one day studio workshop is dedicated to that ‘so much more’. Topics that have been covered in this workshop include:

Befriending Photoshop
•  Navigating Photoshop without losing your way
•  Taming Photoshop’s complexity and eliminating confusion
•  Are you a Slider, a Curve control freak, or a Blending Mode aficionado?
•  The famous five colour and density correction fundamentals
•  Image salvation, resurrection, and conservation
•  Nondestructive versus destructive image editing

Managing Photoshop
•  Choosing the right colour space and bit depth
•  Customising Photoshop workspaces
•  Making sure Photoshop’s settings and preferences are correct
•  Understanding channel and layer operations
•  Navigating layer masks and local corrections
•  Automating repetitive Photoshop tasks through actions that work

Compositing Photoshop
•  The three requirements for combining images together
•  Refining selection and masking techniques
•  Making a composite not look like a composite
•  Working creatively with blending modes – colour and tone equivalence
•  Luminosity masking – good enough for Hollywood, good enough for me
•  Creative image distortion

Imagining Photoshop
•  Superior BW images from colour originals
•  Portrait retouching and hand colouring
•  Freaky Photoshop separation techniques
•  Substituting and enhancing luminosity
•  Split toning colour and BW images
•  Enhancing the 3rd dimension with Reverse Overlay Masking

The course is organised around practical exercises and solutions to common imaging problems, with an overall emphasis on working confidently and with assurance that you are doing ‘the right thing’. Photoshop poetics go hand-in-hand with fast and furious processing strategies, within a simple yet proficient workflow. Though not essential, participants are encouraged to bring along a laptop with a recent version of Photoshop installed.

The workshop is also supported by a resource rich website including detailed course notes, videos, Photoshop Actions and images.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 10.00am – 5.00pm – Australian Eastern Standard Time
Class Size:
Average class size of 5
 $330 including GST per person
 Email or Phone +61 4 38 59 00 93

Updated 24 April 2022