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Studio Workshops Online – Live and Interactive
•  27 March 2022
•  25 September 2022


This intermediate/advanced Studio Workshop explores the magnificence of the B&W image in an age of digital reproduction. Specialised digital photographic processes, materials and techniques combine to significantly expand the range of the fine B&W photograph and its creative tradition. This includes aspects of B&W camera craft, colour conversions, the processing and editing of B&W files, and their rendering as stunningly beautiful archival B&W inkjet pigment prints of the highest quality. To facilitate this, where ever possible we will also remotely create a stunningly accurate and incredibly beautiful custom B&W printer profile for each attendee’s printer and favourite paper in the week before the workshop. Specific topics that have been covered in recent workshops include:

The Digital B&W Negative
•  Pre-visualisation and the B&W image
•  In-camera B&W JPEGS versus default RAW B&W conversions
•  Monitoring camera exposure and correlating histograms
•  Luminosity formulae – how is RGB converted to B&W
•  B&W contrast filters and classic B&W renderings and effects
•  Comparing RAW B&W processors and processing methods

B&W Editing and Toning
•  Dodging and burning strategies – jumping values
•  Digital intensification and reduction
•  Local contrast enhancement masking
•  Luminosity selections
•  Split toning and multi-layered toning techniques
•  Expanding and refining print luminosity

B&W Ink and Paper Combinations
•  Testing and evaluating papers for BW printing
•  Matching B&W images to papers and inksets
•  Mono, duo, tri and quad-tone (black) inks versus CMYK+ inksets
•  Narrow gamut inkjet printing: software and hardware controls
•  Printing B&W images on chromogenic photographic printers
•  Printing digitally remastered halftone negatives in the analogue darkroom

The Digital B&W Print
•  Creating and working with B&W printer profiles
•  Specialist B&W printer drivers (QuadTone, Bowhaus)
•  Printing B&W images through a RIP (MegaRIP, ImagePrint)
•  Ink inconstancy, optical brighteners and fluorescence
•  Print viewing, metamerism failure and ink inconstancy
•  The archival durability and stability of B&W prints

At the heart of this workshop our attendees’ interests and questions focus our engagement as we explore the genealogy of the B&W image, and extend its tradition through an innovative and sensitive integration of digital technologies. Video conferencing and remote desktop software enable the entire B&W digital workflow from capture and processing to editing and printing to be critically investigated. Fine B&W prints as finished works of art are a major outcome of this workshop, so attendees are also encouraged to share their own images, findings and successes as needed.

The workshop is also supported by a resource rich website including detailed course notes, videos, and images.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 10.00am – 5.00pm – Australian Eastern Standard Time
Class Size:
Average class size of 5
 $330 including GST per person
 Email or Phone +61 4 38 59 00 93

Updated 22 January 2022