Studio Workshops  –  Live and Interactive via ZOOM
•  21-22 September 2024 (AEST)  9.30am to 1.00pm

This workshop can also be Time-Shifted for anyone unable to attend on the days it is presented, or time zone is too offset to comfortably attend in real time.

This advanced workshop is all about colour: understanding it, working with it, representing it, manipulating it and ensuring accurate and correct colour when and where you need it – from capture to display, editing, printing, publishing and exhibiting.  The aim is to dramatically improve your knowledge, understanding and ability to work confidently and creatively with colour, and with significantly enhanced colour fidelity, meaning and affect.  Specific topics that have been covered in this workshop include:

• What is colour?
• How is colour represented in a digital workflow?
• What is a colour managed workflow?
• What are in-gamut and out-of-gamut colours?
• Managing expectations – illusion vs fact

Interpreting Colour Theory
• What is the relationship between an image and its colour space(s)?
• What are Source and Destination colour spaces?
• What are in-gamut and out-of-gamut colours?
• What is the difference between assigning and converting profiles?
• How important are rendering intents and when are they used?

Calibrating Equipment
• Which monitor white point, brightness and gamma curve should I use?
• My printer is profiled but the colour is still not right?
• Who would custom calibrate their camera and why?
• Does increased productivity and efficiency imply lower quality outcomes?
• Lightroom vs. Capture One vs. Photoshop vs. Affinity Photo

Setting up a Working Environment
• Which RGB, CMYK and Greyscale colour spaces should I work in?
• How do I set up my working and print viewing environments?
• What light sources are best for print viewing and soft proofing?
• What is observer adaptation and simultaneous contrast?
• What if my Lab, Designer or Publisher doesn’t operate an ICC colour workflow?

Soft Proofing
• What is soft proofing and why is it so important?
• How do I match a screen image to its printed image?
• What is the best print viewing light source?
• How do I calibrate two screens to look the same?
• How is colour managed on iOS and Android devices?

Working with Colour
• On a limited budget where will you get your greatest return?
• Analysing device stability and ensuring colour consistency?
• Who should separate RGB files into CMYK and device link profiles?
• Colour fidelity – what lets you down?
• What are the limits of ICC based colour reproduction?

At the workshop, colour in all of its manifestations is investigated in a professional colour managed workflow through real-world exercises in colour perception, colour mixing, colour harmony, colour calibration and colour fidelity. Video conferencing software enables the contemporary digital colour workflow, and its application and interpretation, to be critically investigated while remote desktop software supports best practice case studies.

The workshop is also supported by a resource rich website including detailed course notes, videos, and images.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 7+ hours from 9.30am – 1.00pm Saturday & Sunday (AEST/AEDT)
Support: Extensive notes, videos, test forms and workshop HD video recordings
Class Size: Average class size of 6
Cost: AUS $330 including GST per person
More Information: See FAQ (Education)
Bookings: Email

Updated 24 December 2023