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Studio Workshops Online – Live and Interactive
•  13 March 2022
•  28 August 2022

This intermediate/advanced studio workshop develops the practical skills and critical understanding needed for the successful photographic documentation of 2D and 3D works of art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, manuscripts, books, costumes, jewellery, glassware, and photographs. The workshop includes the staging, lighting, exposure, processing, archiving, and colour management and editing of files for publication in print and online. While state-of-the-art equipment is used during the workshop, particular emphasis is placed on achieving the best possible results with your own equipment in your own studio.  Specific topics that have been covered in this workshop include:

Reproduction Theory
•  Reproducing colour and form – illusion versus fact
•  Colour representation in a digital workflow
•  ISO viewing, display, and capture standards
•  Reprographic lenses – resolution, contrast and MTF curves
•  Diffraction, distortion, chromatic aberration and optimum apertures
•  XY scanning, single shot, multi-shot cameras, and tethered capture
•  Lights, lighting and controlling reflections
•  ICC and DCP camera profiling and ISO standards

Photographing 2D Works
•  Geometry, alignment and scale
•  Flat lighting flat works
•  Balanced lighting with Equalight software
•  Scene calibration and lens cast calibrations
•  Reproducing surfaces, textures and colours
•  Drawings versus paintings versus prints
•  Books and multi-camera book cradles
•  White, grey and black balance and quality control targets

Photographing 3D Works
•  Perspective – drawing with a lens
•  Depth of field calculations, focus stacking, and exposure stacking
•  Diffuse and direct reflections, polarisation and the family of angles
•  Lighting highlights, shade, shadows and the third dimension
•  Lighting backgrounds, light tents and light boxes
•  Spaces and places, and colour balancing mixed light sources
•  Greyscales, rulers/scales and white balance targets
•  Green/blue screen and masking considerations

Post Processing Workflows
•  Creating Archival Masters and Derivatives
•  File formats RAW, DNG, TIFF and JPEG, file naming, and keywords
•  Adapting black & white points, contrast ratios, depth and dimensionality
•  Soft proofing setups and limitation
•  Converting to sRGB for web distribution
•  RGB to CMYK, greyscale, and spot colour conversions
•  ISO and 3DAP publishing standards
•  Prepress hard proofs, guide prints and print buys

The workshop is broadcast live from our working reprographic studio, where objects and images are photographed, processed, distributed and output for web, press, and print-on-demand services.  Video conferencing and remote desktop software enable the entire reprographic workflow from lighting and capture, to the preparation of archival assets and fit-for-purpose derivatives to be critically investigated. Attendees are encouraged to share examples of their reprographic work, particularly any issues or problems they are encountering, as well as examples of objects and images they need to photograph and reproduce.

The workshop is also supported by a resource rich website including detailed course notes, videos, and images.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 10.00am – 5.00pm – Australian Eastern Standard Time
Class Size:
Average class size of 5
 $330 including GST per person
 Email or Phone +61 4 38 59 00 93

Updated 22 January 2022