Studio Workshops Online – Live and Interactive via ZOOM
•  2023 Dates TBC

This intermediate workshop is dedicated to thoughtful and insightful photographic practice. Being a creative photographer is much more than saying ‘yes or no’ to presets, filters, recipes and clichés. Creative photography is about knowing what is possible and then playing with that knowledge. In this workshop we borrow from four genres of photography: The Natural World (Landscape/Natural History), Inhabited Places (Events/Travel), the Built-Environment (Architecture), and Ourselves (Portraiture). Each genre is categorised in terms of Historical Perspectives, Theoretical Foundations, Production Skills, and Presentation Strategies. The aim is to incorporate and refine aspects of these different approaches into your own photographic practice, and thereby significantly enhance your creative outcomes. Specific topics include:

Photographing the Natural World:
•  Contemporary Landscape and Natural History Photography
•  Historical: Photographing Spaces versus Things
•  Cultural: The Photograph as a Document
•  Production: Stacking & Combining Images
•  Theoretical: Land Matters

Photographing Ourselves:
•  Portraiture, Lighting, Composition, and Staging Strategies
•  Historical: Photographing What Can’t Be Seen
•  Cultural: The Photograph as a Diary
•  Production: Understanding Lighting/Working with Light
•  Theoretical: Intimate Lives

Photographing the Built-Environment:
•  Architectural Photography, including its Objects and Spaces
•  Historical: The 2D Representation of Space & Time
•  Cultural: The Photograph as a Spatial Narrative
•  Production: Rendering Responsibility
•  Theoretical: The Deadpan Aesthetic

The Photography of Inhabited Places:
•  Travel and Lifestyle Photography, Event Photography, and Reportage
•  Historical: Representation versus Presentation
•  Cultural: The Photograph as Witness
•  Production: Low Light/High Contrast Scenes
•  Theoretical: Moments Found/Moments Created

The only prerequisite for this workshop is that you are interested in refining your photographic understanding and practice within a Contemporary Art context, and an encouraging and supportive learning environment. Video conferencing and remote desktop software enable us to simultaneously share many things: from our files, images and prints, to photo books, artist statements and web sites. In addition to answering all your questions, our survey of how photographic genres are historicised, theorised, and practiced will help you understand and locate your own work within them.  The objective is for you to become a better informed, more assured and articulate photographic artist.

The workshop is also supported by a resource rich website including detailed course notes, commentaries, videos, and images.

Venue: Interactive Broadcast from Les Walkling’s Studio, Melbourne
Duration: 6+ hours from 10.00am – 1.00pm Saturday & Sunday (AEST/AEDT)
Support: Extensive notes, videos, test forms and edited ZOOM excerpts
Class Size: Average class size of 6
Cost: AUS $330 including GST per person
More Information: See FAQ (Education)
Bookings: Email or Phone +61 4 38 59 00 93

Updated 26 November 2022